Storm/Emergency Response Services

Compere, along with our utility clients, recognizes the importance of delivering reliable electric power. Unfortunately, natural events can wreak havoc on any infrastructure system and significantly impact a utility’s ability to respond to wide-spread events without the temporary assistance of external resources.

When disaster strikes, Compere is well-positioned to provide rapid response and support services. We are on standby and ready to mobilize immediately.

Our storm restoration teams have experience working under the pressure of storm recovery and hold the knowledge of electrical components and facilities required to assist our clients with a timely restoration process. Compere’s emergency response process puts expert storm crews on the road to your site quickly, in-advance, during, or immediately following any event that affects power system operations. We maintain all the necessary tools, equipment, and pre-stocked trucks ready to help you restore service to the communities that depend on the power our clients provide.

Compere is also able to provide damage assessment teams to help survey communities before and after storm strikes. Our inspectors have a history of electrical line work and are able to quickly identify what response actions need to take place. Assessment teams can also aid in gathering detailed, post-disaster information to be used by the electric utility’s operations center to evaluate the severity of damage and to strategize its response and recovery efforts.

Services & Solutions Experience:

  • Transmission
  • Storm Restoration
  • Distribution
  • Substations
  • Technical Services
  • Energized Services

Join Our Storm Response Roster

When natural disasters strike, reliable electric power becomes a lifeline for all affected communities. As a member of Compere Construction’s Storm Roster, you’ll become the leading force restoring power swiftly to those in dire need. We recognize the importance of delivering prompt and efficient restoration services, ensuring that no community is left in the dark for longer than necessary. Together, we’ll weather any storm and emerge stronger on the other side.